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Cooling Mist 125ml

Beat the heat of a hot flush naturally, calmly and discreetly. A natural alternative to HRT.
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Product Description

The Cooling Mist offers instant, long-lasting relief from the discomfort of a hot flush or night sweats.


  • Cools, hydrates and calms
  • Reduces body heat and redness
  • Instant, long-lasting relief
  • Clinically approved


Deborah Bruce, Consultant Gynaecologist at London Bridge Hospital and the Council of the British Menopause Society: “The product to cure hot flushes is a Cooling Mist, which contains alcohol that evaporates as soon as it comes into contact with the skin, drawing the heat out immediately. Aloe Vera within the product also helps to alleviate any redness often associated with hot flushes occurring in menopausal women. 


The cooling mist smells really lovely, I can certainly see this product being very popular for women for whom Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is contraindicated. 


“Also of note is that the product doesn’t leave any sticky residue after application, and can be used over make up which will undoubtedly appeal to women! As an added benefit, it leaves the skin feeling quite soft and moisturised. I have tried this product myself and would definitely recommend it to my own patients.” 


How to apply:

1. Lightly spray the chest and neck area
2. Allow the mist to evaporate and cool
3. Reapply as needed


9 out of 10 women reported that the Cooling Mist significantly reduced their hot flush symptoms in an recent independent study. Please click here for more information.


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