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  • About Equiplus & Equi-N-icE

    Equiplus was established in 2001 by Kay Russell and was origianlly a clothing company for riding clothes.

    But the direction of the company was to change course when Kay had an 'eureka' moment. Kay has always been involved with competition horses in both Eventing and Horse Racing. It was this insight that led, first to the development of Equi-N-icE and later to Physicool.

    Equi-N-icE products are used today across the UK, Ireland, France, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Germany and the UAE.

    The bandages can be safely used in competition and horses treated with Equi-N-icE bandages have been consistently blood and urine tested even whilst using the product, under Jockey Club rules.

  • Equi-N-icE Clinically Proven
    Clinically Proven

    Equi-N-icE Clinically Proven

    Clinical trial results on the effects of the unique coolant in Equi-N-icE for horses and Physicool (the human version) have demonstrated a dramatic improvement compared to standard cooling therapy.

    The trial tested the patented cooling system after severe joint trauma and found that mobility was improved by a massive 50% and pain reduced by 50% compared to currently used ice/cryo therapy .

  • Equi-N-icE Better by Design
    Better by Design

    Equi-N-icE Better by Design

    All Equi-N-icE products are designed to maximise effectiveness and ease of use.

    Our products have undergone thorough testing and are used and endorsed by the best in the business. Whether you are into racing, eventing, hunting, whether your are an owner, a trainer, a breeder or a vet youll find that Equi-N-icE products will help you achieve your goals.

  • Unique Cooling System

    Unique Cooling System

    Optimum temperature reduction of the body after work and the dissipation of heat from tendons & joints has long been a challenge for trainers.

    The solution an incredible product that can be used with ease and safety by all yard staff.

    Equi-N-icE Products are based on a unique cooling system based on rapid evaporation to create a cooling balm effect.

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