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Product information

Physicool is the only re-usable therapeutic bandage to combine cooling and compression for the advanced treatment of soft tissue injuries and is now available in Ireland. This is the official website for distribution of the range of products in Ireland. For your convenience, products can be purchased securely online.

Ready for action and packaged for convenience, there are two Physicool Bandage sizes designed for specific areas of the body and self-fasten securely with grippy strap.

Physicool Bandage Size A Wrists, Ankles, Elbows

Physicool Bandage
Size A
Wrists, Ankles, Elbows

Our size A bandage (10cm x 2m) is ideal for injuries to the ankle, wrist or elbow. It uses our rapid cooling technology to reduce pain and inflammation around the joint, speeding up recovery time and helping you get back to your best.

Physicool Bandage Size BKnee, Leg, Shoulder

Physicool Bandage Size B
Knee, Leg, Shoulder

Our size B cooling bandage (12cm x 3m) is an ideal knee bandage, or for injuries affecting the leg or shoulder. A reusable bandage, it gives both support and cooling therapy to help manage pain and inflammation, and reduce recovery time
Physicool Coolant 500ml

Physicool Coolant 500ml

Once all liquid has evaporated, recharge Bandage A or B with physicool™ Coolant and keep pouch air-tight with re-sealable zip lock.
Physicoo Combo Pack

Physicoo Combo Pack

Containing one Size A Cooling bandage and one 150ml bottle of Coolant the Physicool Combination Pack is ideal for treating wrist, elbow and ankle sprains and injuries.
Cooling Mist 125ml

Cooling Mist 125ml

Our cooling mist helps to beat the heat of a hot flush quickly. Can be used discreetly and is easy to carry in a bag, offering rapid cooling on the go.